Appreciating Japanese Tradition through Music

Japan is considered as one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations across the globe. There are a lot of reasons why travel enthusiasts worldwide aim to explore Japan at least once in their lifetime. Aside from the country’s awe-inspiring sightseeing attractions, delectable cuisine that offers a one of a kind gastronomic experience and unique cultural experience, the Land of the Rising Sun is also popular for its traditional and contemporary music.


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With the imperial transition and the dawn of the Reiwa Era, Daisuke Fujita or Meitei, a well-known music producer in Japan launched a unique album that features the distinctive style of traditional music while giving a vibe that looks forward to the new period. Meitei who is based in Hiroshima has recently released the music album which is called “Komachi”. Every track of the album consists of unique familiar notes produced by small countryside temples of Japan such as the sounds of bells and wooden percussions, among others.


Meitei became famous among locals and foreign tourists for his reference to tradition in his music. In one of his interviews, the popular music maker said that “I think that tradition should always evolve and be inherited. In a new era, it’s natural that something different from the image of Japan that has already been created will be created anew.”


Aside from his music preference that is influenced by Japanese tradition, Meitei is also known for combining the sounds of nature into his albums. According to him “Nature elicits vague emotions and rustic simplicity in Japan. These are beautiful moods.” Both his reverence for tradition and love for nature can be felt by listening to his latest music album, “Komachi”.


Japanese music is truly a reflection of the people’s deep affection and respect towards nature and their tradition. This is indeed one of the reasons why foreign tourists and music enthusiasts have a high regard for the culture and music of Japan.


Reference: Embracing the Japan of the past through music with Meitei


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