Aoki’s Pizza to Release another Eerie Yet Healthy Pizza for Halloween

The Halloween season in Japan is the best time to showcase one’s creativity and distinctive style. Some people go all out in preparing their costumes and make up to fully enjoy the activities set for Halloween. Thousands of international tourists also look forward to visit the Land of the Rising Sun to personally witness and experience how the country celebrates the spookiest time of the year.


Globetrotters and food enthusiasts from different parts of the globe are interested to find out the Japanese way of spending the Halloween season. With this surge in tourism and increasing popularity, quite a number of food shops, restaurants, hotels and even various forms of accommodation are inspired to showcase some Halloween themed food items, decors and merchandises for both local and foreign tourists.


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For instance, one of the most popular food chain in Japan, Aoki’s Pizza started to release one of a kind food items a couple of a years ago particularly during the Halloween season. Due to the increasing number of zombie movies in mainstream entertainment, Aoki’s Pizza has decided to release zombie inspired pizza products.


This year, Aoki’s Pizza is set to introduce the so-called “Chimamire Zombino,” or “Blood-covered Zombino” to their customers. The pizza product has the semblance of a zombies coming out from the pizza crust Earth to search for human brains with their olive eyes. Although the pizza product looks visually gory, it is actually perfect for health conscious restaurant goers since it has healthy ingredients such as lettuce, sausages, and of course the teriyaki chicken sauce base which Aoki Pizza is known for.


This popular Japanese delivery pizza chain caters mainly to the prefectures of Aichi, Gifu, Shizuoka, and Mie. A lot of its local and foreign customers commend the Aoki’s pizza chain for its originality and unique appearance but at the same time maintaining the yummy tastes of their all time favourite pizzas.


Reference: Japanese pizza chain releases spooky Zombie Pizzas for Halloween


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