Anime-Inspired Spots in Japan Gained Tremendous Popularity among Foreigners

The Land of the Rising Sun is known worldwide as home to some of the most iconic and well loved animation series and characters. Japan has been regarded as a manga and anime hub attracting numerous enthusiasts of different ages and from different parts of the globe.


Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of travel enthusiasts and anime fanatics come to Japan not only to go sightseeing, experience the country’s unique culture and to be in awe of its advanced technological innovations but also to visit various locations and scenes featured in popular anime series.


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One of the most famous destinations that is definitely among the list of must see places for anime lovers is the railway crossing near Kamakura High School. It is the setting of a classic scene in the anime “Slam Dunk” which gained tremendous popularity not only in Japan but also on a global scale.


Tourists and fanatics of “Slam Dunk” may take photos and pose with the show’s main character , Hanamichi Sakuragi, whose figure is superimposed behind the school’s track with a bag on his shoulder while facing the ocean.


Other famous anime-related spots are Hakata Station in Fukuoka and the Toei Animation Museum in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward. Both museums have attracted a lot of local and foreign visitors. Taisuke Toudou of the Kawasaki Municipal Government said that “The proportion of foreign tourists has been gradually increasing since the opening of the museum in 2011.”


Based on a survey by Japan Tourism Agency survey in 2018, more than four percent of tourists in Japan had paid a visit to an anime-inspired location. According to Takeshi Okamoto, a professor from a University in Osaka prefecture, “Foreign anime fans can easily collect and share details. It has become one of the prime motives for these foreign travellers to visit Japan.”


Reference: Japan’s anime tourism: A blend of cash and chaos


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