Adventure Hikes for Travellers at Mount Togakushi

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Millions of globetrotters all over the world come to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun year in and year out. Majority of these tourists are fascinated by the country’s awe-inspiring view, amazing technology and unique cultural experience. These are just a few of the many reasons why international tourists love to visit Japan at least once in their lifetime.


For tourists who are also hikers and mountain climbing enthusiasts, Japan has a lot of incredible places for them to explore. Hiking is one of the most popular pastime activities among Japanese which was originally considered as a religious or spiritual pilgrimage. The mountains were regarded by the locals as sacred spots or places for worship. Mounts Fuji, Hakusan and Tateyama are the most famous sacred summits in Japan which can also be perfect locations for hiking. .


Another mountaintop that has gained increasing popularity among hikers and mountaineers is Mount Togakushi which is located in Nagano City in the Chubu region of Japan. Both locals and foreign tourists will certainly enjoy hiking along the path surrounded by tall cyrptomeria trees located just at the foothill of this breathtaking pinnacle.


At the base of Mount Togakushi, hikers might want to drop by the historic Togakushi Shrine in Renzan National Park. This Shinto shrine is considered to be a sacred place for pilgrimage. It is consists of the lower, middle as well as upper shrine area which are about two kilometers apart. The upper area which is also known as the Okusha is the best place to start the mountain trek.


Aside from this majestic shrine, tourists may check out the Togakushi Village nearby and try some of their mouth-watering soba noodles. A famous theme park can also be found in the area. It is called the Kids Ninja Village with interesting ninja-inspired attractions that is open for both young and adult park goers.



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