Adorable Japanese Tea Bags Made Available For Tea Enthusiasts

The Land of the Rising Sun is one of the most well loved destinations of tourists and food enthusiasts across different parts of the globe. Travellers come to visit Japan not only to go sightseeing, experience its unique culture and tradition but also to try out various Asian dishes. The country is known for its wide selection of iconic and delicious Japanese cuisines, desserts and distinctive types of tea.


Even the tea bags in Japan are definitely one of a kind and attractive for tourists. Ocean Teabag, one of the biggest and well established tea companies in the country produced the most adorable and unique tea bag series for both local and foreign tea lovers in Japan. Some of their unique tea bag designs in the past years are that of a huge squid and a fantastic tanuki tea bag.


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This year, another set of distinctive tea bags are introduced by a rising domestic retail company known as Village Vanguard. They launched the so-called “3D Kawaii Pack”. This cute set of tea bags have unique and special decorations that includes a traditional origami crane, maneki neko, penguin, gold fish as well as other designs that are said to bring good luck.


Tea enthusiasts will surely love these newly launched special tea bags that are best used in a cup of Earl Grey Tea. Among the most sought after designs especially for cat enthusiasts are the maneki neko which is translated in English as beckoning cats.


These maneki neko teabags are patterned after Japanese figures of feline friends that are believed to bring good luck to any one in possession of said item particularly those who are engaged in business. Another crowd favorite is the penguin shaped tea bag. It has an adorable design that certainly attracts both tea enthusiasts and those who are interested in the kawaii culture of Japan.


Reference: New teabags put origami cranes, good luck cats and more in your cup


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