Accompanying Spouse of Highly Skilled Foreign Engineer May Work in Japan

As one of the most progressive countries in the world with fast paced technological advancements and modern innovations, the Land of the Rising Sun is regarded as an engineering hub. A lot of professional engineers from different countries across the globe are very much interested to work and learn in Japanese engineering firms at the same time since they are known for their excellent quality and one of a kind technology.


However, what hindered some of these interested engineers to work in Japan in the past is the difficulty in acquiring a working visa and a permanent residency card in the country. But recently, Japan has been undergoing serious problems with regard to the lack of its working age population.


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Although the country has a rising demand for a strong workforce especially the professionals who have expertise in their respective fields, Japan lacks the necessary human resources to guarantee a continuous upward growth in various sectors and industries in the country. In this regard, the Japanese government through its National Legislature amended its immigration policies that used to provide for stringent requirements on foreign nationals who apply to work and reside in Japan. This new revision in the law took effect last April 1, 2019.


Among the most notable e changes introduced in the amended immigration law in relation to the Highly Skilled Professional visa which may be availed of by scientists, engineers, lawyers as well as business executives, among others is the introduction of additional perks, benefits or preferential advantage granted to these foreign professionals.


One of the added benefits that may be availed of by foreign professional engineers is that their spouse who accompany them in Japan may be allowed to work or engaged in gainful employment in the country even though said spouse does not have the same academic background as the interested foreign professional provided that the latter secures a highly skilled professional visa under the new immigration law.


Reference: Specified Skilled Visa


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