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I know a lot of you are curious about how a typical day of a Filipino worker in Japan looks like. Let’s check out one of Delta TVs Youtube videos again and explore a day in a life of a Filipino worker.


In this video, we will be joining Monica, a Filipino Real Estate Agent in Tokyo. Monica arrived in Japan 3 years ago and stayed there as a student. As soon as she finished school and passed the N3 JLPT exam, DELTA helped her find a job in Japan. For those of you who are planning to explore job opportunities in Japan, DELTA is just a message away. 

Monica wakes up at 7 AM to prepare for her 9 AM work in the office. She eats a quick breakfast and then prepares herself for work. In Japan, Japanese usually takes a shower at night because it gets really freezing cold taking a shower in the morning. This also saves them time in their morning routine. It usually takes Monica 30 minutes to prepare.


As soon as she’s done, she goes to the nearest train station on foot. This is actually part of her daily morning exercise. She then hops on a train to reach the office. There are other transportation options in the city like bus or taxi but taking the train is the most practical. Trains also never get late in Japan so people are not worried to be late for work. From the station, Monica takes a 10-minute walk again to reach their office.


As part of Monica’s work as a real estate agent, she checks on emails to reply to customer inquiries and the likes. She also answers phone inquiries in the office. She even meets clients for ocular visits of properties. Most of their company’s clients are foreigners. She likes it because she can practice both her English and Nihongo speaking skills. She loves meeting new people, thus she enjoys her work so much!


For Monica, there are two things she definitely loves about Japan. The first is the convenient mode of transportation and the second is that there are lots of convenience stores around the city.


Monica usually spends her lunch break in a nearby Konbini (convenience store). Healthy lunch packs are available at a good price. They also enjoy a 1 hour lunch break at work same as in the Philippines.


After 8 hours of work (around 5PM), Monica heads her way home. So that’s how a day looks like for a typical Filipino office employee in Japan. It is more likely the same in the Philippines except that commuting is far more convenient in Japan!


For more videos about living and working in Japan, check out Delta TVs Youtube channel.


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