A landslide victory for Okinawa base vote

Among the supporters of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, the majority cast ballots against moves by the Abe administration to relocate the Futenma Air Base in Ginowan to the Henoko district of Nago, according to an exit poll.


It emerged that the older the voters were, the more adamant they were in their opposition. Sixty percent of voters in their 30s and younger expressed opposition, compared with 70 percent of those in their 40s and 50s, and over 80 percent among those older than 60.


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When Okinawa held its gubernatorial election last September that Denny Tamaki won handily, supporters of the LDP made up 33 percent of all voters on election day. But in the Feb. 24 referendum, the proportion of the LDP supporters was considerably diminished, at just 19 percent.


With regard to the confrontational stance taken by Okinawa prefectural authorities with the central government over the construction of the Futenma replacement facility, 71 percent expressed approval, including those who answered to some extent.


Among those who chose to support on the ballot question, 40 percent said they disapprove of the administration’s stance on the issue of U.S. bases in Okinawa. Of that figure, 45 percent said they didn’t like the concentration of the bases in Okinawa. The position taken by the prefectural government on the issue earned a 48 percent approval rating from those voters.


Among those who answered no opinion either way on the ballot question, there were 68 percent who disapproved of the Abe administration’s stance on the base issue, and about 70 percent said “I cannot accept” that they are concentrated in Okinawa.



With regard to the stance taken by the prefectural government, approve and disapprove answers were about the same. The exit poll was conducted at 60 polling places and 3,173 valid responses were collected.


However, reports have come in that Prime Minister Abe will push through with the base construction regardless of the vote.


Reference: Majority voted ‘No’ in Okinawa, regardless of age, affiliation


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