A Japanese Exhibit for Cat Lovers around the Globe

Japan is regarded as among the most cat-friendly countries in the world. A lot of foreign tourists who come to the country on vacation may have noticed the prevalence of cat cafes particularly in its capital area, Tokyo. These cafes see to it that they implement strict rules in order to maintain the cleanliness of the place and to make sure that the cats are not in any way harmed or disturbed by the cafe-goers. Japanese people generally have a high regard for cats. These feline friends are known to give good luck and other positive results for them.


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Aside from cat cafes, other establishments in Japan also feature cat-related shows and displays that are open to both locals and international tourists. Another amusing event that cat lovers all over the globe may look forward to is the cat exhibit called “Idols of the Cat Capital” which is hosted by Hotel Gajoen in Tokyo. It is located along the district of Meguro. Ailurophiles or people who have fascination for cats will definitely be excited to personally witness the highlight of the exhibit which showcases over three thousand cat figurines and pieces of art contributed by twenty nine talented artists.


Some of these feline figurines were crafted during the most recent Heisei era. On the other hand, there are also more conventional cat ornaments which reflect the old eras of Japan such as Heian, Meiji, and Showa. Each of them has interesting and distinctive characteristics that is unique to every era that it represents. The exhibit does not only feature a wide variety of cat-inspired artworks, it is also an avenue for both local and foreign tourists to appreciate the cultural and literary history of Japan.


Since this event also seeks to promote the works and creativity of various Japanese artists, there is also a special section of the show in which interested cat lovers may purchase some pieces of feline artworks contributed by famous local artists in the “Relay exhibit.” The exhibit will continue to run until May 19, 2019.



Tokyo hotel hosts cat exhibit with over 3,000 cat-related art pieces

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