A book dedicated to all victims of gun violence

A book prepared by junior high schoolers was about gun violence and the dangers of people who have guns. The book is aptly named “Alyssa and Yoshi”, referring to two kids who were victims of gun violence who then met in heaven and moved on in the afterlife.


Photo credit to: https://6abc.com

Alyssa and Yoshi are actual children who died in Florida 2018 and Louisiana 1992 respectively. The book is also dedicated to all people who were victimized or murdered by the use of guns.


In Japan, there is an extremely low gun violence statistic. In fact, it’s so low, it’s basically nonexistent. One reason is because people in Japan aren’t as mentally unstable as some people in the West who’s kids eat tidepods or go through a kiki challenge that gets them run over.


Anti-Gun supporters praise the book and call for more gun control. And say that the more the guns, the more the violence.


However, on the other side of the coin, Pro-Gun supporters (like me) appreciate the book because a responsible gun owner wouldn’t use it against innocent bystanders. I myself wouldn’t like to use a gun on an innocent but have used guns in the past simply for sport or competition.


Pro-gun supporters are into the notion of “fight crime, shoot back” or the “if guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns” principle. Also, pro-gun supporters use guns for home defense. Some US states have Castle Doctrine laws where one can shoot a home invader.


However, anti-gun supporters say that you don’t need guns if you have the police. And both arguments have raged on since the invention of the gun.


The book was launched just in time for the anniversary of the 17 innocent people who were murdered in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018.


Reference: Aichi junior high dedicates book to victims of U.S. school shooting


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