5 Useful Japanese Phrases for Tourists in Japan

5 Useful Japanese Phrases for Tourists in Japan

Hello everyone! For this week, we will be sharing 5 useful Japanese phrases for tourists when in Japan brought to you by Delta TV


I know everyone can’t wait to fly and visit Japan especially that there are new attractions in Disney Land and there is also a first city cable car in Yokohama City! The Olympics is also pushing through, so you might want to check out these useful phrases so going around Japan would be easy peasy!


For pronunciation, check out the video below:


#1 Arigatou Gozaimasu – Thank you very much!

First on the list is the universal magic word – THANK YOU! You can either use “Arigatou” for casual conversations (thanks) or arigatou gozaimasu to make it more polite.  And don’t forget to smile and bow when saying Arigatou Gozaimasu.


#2 Hai – Yes

One of the most commonly used Japanese words is ‘Hai’ which means YES. However, do not overuse the word ‘Hai’ even if you don’t understand what the person is saying because it might get you in trouble. You can simply shake your head from side to side to indicate No or say ‘iie’ (no) or say ‘wakarimasen’ which means ‘I dont understand’.


#3 Ikura desu ka – How much?

Especially if you are traveling on a budget, it’s best to always ask for the price before buying anything. So “ikura desu ka?” may come in handy. 


#4 Kurejittokaado tsukaemasu ka – Can I use a credit card?

When traveling overseas it is always convenient to use a credit card. You may use this question when you want to ask if they accept credit cards, “Sumimasen, Kurejittokaado tsukaemasu ka?” It’s translated to “ Excuse me, can I use a credit card? It’s okay to say ‘credit card’ but the Japanese people appreciate it when you make an extra effort in using their language.


#5 Eigo wa hanasemasu ka – Can you speak English?

If you are already having a hard time understanding Japanese, you can simply ask Eigo wa hanasemasu ka? Which is translated to ‘Can you speak English?’ Or if this sentence is too long to memorize, you can just say ‘Eigo’ which means ‘English’ so the Japanese can understand you straight away.


These are the 5 useful Japanese phrases that you can use when traveling around Japan. Enjoy your vacation in Japan! For more useful tips about Japan, visit Delta TV’s Youtube channel.



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