5 FUN Facts About Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station


Since COVID-19 is still forcing us to stay at home and we can’t visit Tokyo for now, let’s watch Delta TV’s youtube video showing us what’s inside the famous Tokyo Station in Japan. We are also sharing 5 fun facts about Tokyo Station. Enjoy!

1. It is the busiest station in Japan

With more than 3,000 trains per day including the famous shinkansen (bullet train) and approximately 350,000 passengers passing through the station on a daily basis, the Tokyo station is known to be the busiest train station in Japan.

2. There are secret tunnels inside the Tokyo Station

This might be a fact or a myth but it was rumored that there is a subterranean network in downtown Tokyo linking important government buildings.  A lot of people believe that this labyrinth network was set up as a bomb shelter. 


But the good news is that the Tokyo Station is the safest place when the earth rumbles because it is protected by a seismic isolation structure. Isn’t that cool?

3. There is an Art Gallery inside the station

Visitors can take in their arts through exhibits showing contemporary arts that are related to themes such as railway, architecture and design. Since the gallery’s opening in 1988, it has been noted that around 2.3 million visitors have passed through the gallery.

4. The Ultimate Noodle Street

Your Tokyo escapade won’t be complete without food! The best ramen shops in Japan have also installed their stalls in Tokyo Station including the famous Rokurinsha. It is recommended to arrive at 7:30 to 10AM to avoid the rush. Who doesn’t want ramen for breakfast?


Bento lunches are also around the corner if having ramen for breakfast is not for you.

5. Your go-to Souvenir Heaven

Of course, who doesn’t want to take home some souvenirs? Tokyo Station has a Tokyo Character Street that offers a wide variety of souvenir items such as Hello Kitty, Pokemon, and Moomins.


Reference: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/japan-tokyo-station-100-years/index.html


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