5 Budget Hacks to Survive in Japan

Budget Saving Hacks

For this week’s article, instead of sharing some news, we will be sharing some money-saving tips when in Japan. We are featuring a video from Delta TV entitled “How to Live in a Budget in Japan”. In Delta TV’s blog, they shared 5 budget hacks on how to live on a budget in Japan. 

According to an article written by https://resources.realestate.co.jp/, the cost of living for a single working person in Tokyo is between ¥140,000 (1,268USD) and ¥194,000 (1,757USD) a month, including rent, food, discretionary spending, transportation, and taxes and insurance. Though there are good employment opportunities with a great high-paying job in Japan, the cost of living is quite high too. So, in order to save up, check out these five budget-friendly tips when you are in Japan brought to you by Delta TV.


Tip #1 For short-distance travels, try to walk or grab a bike

Hailing a taxi is expensive in Japan and using your car isn’t a good idea as well since parking spaces are very expensive in Japan.  So, the most cost-effective and healthier way is either you travel on foot or use a bike. Drivers in Japan have so much respect for pedestrians that they normally stop a few meters away from the pedestrian lane when seeing someone cross the streets. Unlike in other countries, such as in the Philippines, that cars speed up even if drivers see pedestrian lanes ahead. If it’s just one station away, Japanese also normally just walk or use their bike. The city view is also astonishing, so a quick walk is also relaxing.


Tip #2 Visit ¥100 shops

Thrift shops such as Daiso and Can Do offer a variety of items with prices that start at ¥100. These places surely have great value for your money. You can buy stuff such as kitchenwares, snacks, tableware, tools, household goods, and stationery. 


Tip # 3 Look for the cheapest groceries/supermarkets nearby

Scout for the cheapest grocery or supermarkets near your area. Usually, you can save more if you buy in larger quantities in bigger grocery stores. So, check out each store first and it won’t hurt if you check and compare prices so the next time you buy goods, you already know which store is the best place to go.


Tip #4 Carry your Ecobag at all times

You can save up ¥1 to ¥5 per purchase if you bring your own eco bag. Did you know that you need to pay for every plastic bag you use when in Japan? A little effort in bringing your own eco-bag can surely go a long way especially in saving Mother Earth, this action minimizes the use of single-use plastics. So, don’t forget to bring your eco bag next time!


Tip #5 Check out the Bento Section at NIGHT!

Discounted bento meals before the store closes are such budget-savers! Bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. When it’s late and supermarkets are about to close, they sell off their bento boxes at a huge discount – 10% to 50% off.


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