14 Japanese industries to hire foreign workers under new visa status

14 business sectors are keen to accept foreign workers under a new residence status that the government aims to introduce in April next year, informed sources said Tuesday.


This will be a big boost of morale for the workers as they may have a chance at a better life and the Japanese people will also find comfort knowing that foreign workers are now allowed to take over the dwindling workforce of Japan.


With the new law, some sectors of Japan’s workforce are already lining up to take a chance at a new set of foreign workers; many of whom need a better life to support their families in their home countries.


photo credit to: https://www3.nhk.or.jp

The 14 business sectors are: restaurants, hotels, nursing care, building cleaning, agriculture, fishery, food and beverage, materials processing, industrial machinery, electronics and electric machinery, construction, shipbuilding, vehicle maintenance, and airport ground handling and aircraft maintenance, the sources said.


Under the new government plan, which has sparked haters and lovers alike as well as a huge debate in Japan’s Parliament and among local citizens throughout the country, the new status will be divided into two types.


Type 1. This status of residence will be given to those with considerable levels of knowledge and experience who pass new technical and Japanese-language tests or complete three-year job training.


Type 2. This status of residence will be granted to highly skilled workers who pass more difficult tests.


Among those 14 businesses that accept foreigners, the restaurant, hotel and nursing care industries are considering conducting the new tests for the first type of status by April, and the other 11 industries in May or later.


Schedules for testing the second type of status have not been decided yet for any of the 14 sectors, according to the sources.


Reference: 14 Japanese industries said to be eager to hire foreign workers under new visa status


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