Japan to hire 60,000 foreigners. As Long as You’re a Nurse

photo credit to: https://asia.nikkei.com Japan's nursing care businesses are expected to accept up to 60,000 foreign workers over five years, the highest number among 14 industrial

U.S. to Japan: We’ll Resume Drills with SoKor

The United States has told Japan it may resume large-scale joint military exercises with South Korea as early as next spring, if there continues to be no tangible progress on

Japanese Figure Skating Champion is a 16 year old

Sixteen-year-old Rika Kihira on Saturday won the NHK Trophy in her Grand Prix debut following an outstanding women's free skate performance, while Shoma Uno made it a golden double for Japan by

Rigged Admissions: Tokyo Medical University Scandal

Tokyo Medical University said Wednesday it will admit some of the applicants who were rejected in 2017 and 2018 due to a rigged admissions process, but its president did not

Mitsubishi compensates Chinese Forced Labor during WWII

Mitsubishi Materials Corp. is in the final stages of setting up a fund that will be used to pay compensation to thousands of Chinese people forced to labor in Japan

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Internship opportunities in Japan!

If you are still unsure of what course to enroll in, how about take a moment to explore these in demand courses with possible internship opportunities in Japan. Take note, passing the JLPT is your golden ticket.


Good News to those Filipinos who want to work as a caregiver in Japan. This year, Japan will be needing a million caregivers for their aging population.

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IT Engineers

According to some JETRO estimates, Japan needs about 300,000 foreign IT professionals across all industries due to strong demand.

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Applications are now being accepted for Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) positions in the 2017 Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme.

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Housekeeping operators are looking to increase more foreign housekeepers in Tokyo, taking advantage of a special deregulation-zone system, as the need for such services is expected to grow.

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Food &

The most common industry for foreign people in Japan to find employment in other than teaching English, would be either in the tourism, travel or hospitality industry. That is because there is a very large demand for people who speak a number of languages other than Japanese, with the increasing number of tourists visiting Japan each year.

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At Quick Auto Service Training Program, you will undergo an extensive six-month instruction and hands-on learning on Auto Service Center, Automotive System, Engine Maintenance and Servicing, Auto Electrical & Electronic Services Testing, Automotive Battery Servicing, Under-Chassis Preventive Maintenance, Basic Wheel Management & Tire Services, and Paint Less Dent Repair from our TESDA-accredited instructors who were chosen for their real-world industry experience and field expertise to help you obtain your TESDA National Certificate Level I.

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